Roam Women's


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An understated jersey with classy Chromag hits. Made from our ethically sourced merino wool blend, the Roam regulates your temperature no matter what the weather.

No pockets in this one, just a classic, clean style.

Merino wool has paradoxical properties making it optimal for use year-round. In the summer it is ideal for wicking moisture away from your body. In the winter, the natural structure of the fibre inherently blocks larger drops of water while continuing to wick away vapour.

🐑 70% Merino Wool / 30% Acrylic

📏 Model is 5' 4" wearing size small. The Hibiscus is a relaxed-fit merino jersey. The Bluebird is a slimmer fit.

👉 Check out the Veldt for a long sleeve version.

CHEST 35" 37" 39" 41"
LENGTH 26" - 27" 26.25" - 27.25" 26.5" - 27.5" 27" - 28"
SLEEVE 25" 26" 27" 28"


How to Find Your Measurements

Measure around your chest at the widest part.

Measure from the high shoulder seam to the bottom hem of the shirt. 

Measure from the collar seam along the length of your arm to your wrist.

chromag womens mountain bike clothing measurements

Wool is a great natural alternative to plastic synthetic fibres. It is low in energy and water consumption and exhibits extremely high performing properties. Merino wool fibres absorb and pull moisture vapour away from your body unlike synthetics which can only wick away the moisture once it has condensed. One square inch of skin on a merino sheep produces about 4 times as many wool fibres as other breeds of sheep.

Merino wool has paradoxical properties making it ideal for use year round. In the summer it is ideal for wicking moisture away from your body. In the winter, the natural structure of the fibre inherently blocks larger drops of water while continuing to wick away vapour. When vapour is absorbed into wool it binds to the chemical structure of the fibres and small amounts of energy are released in the form of heat. This principle is known as the "heat of sorption".  

The crimped structure of wool fibres creates fabrics loaded with tiny air spaces which act as nature’s most efficient insulator adding to wool’s reputation for warmth and comfort. It is the air trapped between the wool fibres and not the fibres themselves that keep you warm. Because Merino wool fibres are smaller in diameter and they are more numerous that coarser wools, they trap more air pockets and keep you warmer.

All of our merino wool products use ethically sourced wool from New Zealand farms. This means the animals are treated fairly, they don't practise mulesing or tail docking. These farms also practise sustainable land management. 

Customer Reviews

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Runs Small
Runs Large
Great fit, great fabric!

Chromag merino is a staple in our household, from the bike, to a hike, to work, to the couch, feels good everywhere!

craig k.
Runs Small
Runs Large
Top notch!

So soft and comfortable.

Devin F.
My favourite winter riding shirt!

Full disclosure I am a chromag athlete but this is my favourite winter riding shirt as it works great as your only layer or as a base layer. Just enough ventilation and the right amount of warmth for those cold winter rides!

Live in this!

I ride in this, apres in this, wear it everywhere.

It fits me great, and i like a slightly longer length tee. Never feel too warm in the summer and even on a cooler ride the merino keeps enough warmth in. Simple design is also a winner.


So comfortable, light weight and breathable!

Cameron W.
Go To Riding jersey

Always reach for one of these when heading out for a jersey I have had. Love the feel and fit. I am 5'11"(ish)/165lbs and find that a small fits great...not tight or baggy, just right! Love the merino blend...keep up the great quality products!

Roam the Loam

This is the shirt you want when you're out on adventure.

I didn't know that when I bought it but it's become my go to for any outings that involve effort. I wore this shirt to hike Rainbow in a heatwave and it was a serious treat putting merino to the test. The fabric is very light weight and the lives up to the hype - the merino quickly wicks and dries all your salty gross bodily juices - I saw it first hand. This shirt is Zoe approved, and I even get a little sad when its in the wash and I can't wear it.

Comfortable, soft, breathable

Any day below 22 degrees Celsius and I will be wearing this thing on a ride, to the coffee shop or even to the office.

My girlfriend asked me what material it was and before I could reply she said, "Girlfriend material ", stole it and I had to buy her one to get mine back.

At 5,7 170lbs the medium is comfortable and has a relaxed fit. My go to jersey!
Also bonus points for the carboard packaging!