Minor Threat V1 Frame

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Grab your yourself or your young'un a V1 Minor Threat frame. Or pick up a frame and 140mm Rockshox Reba 26" fork for an even better deal.

All framesets include a Rockshox Deluxe Select R 190x4 shock.

We build bikes that we want to ride, the Minor Threat is no exception (we just built this one for our kids!).

When we first decided to make a kids bike, the idea was simple. Why not put everything the grown-ups want, into a pint sized equivalent. Queue: The Minor Threat.

Nothing about this bike is a cheap imitation of your mum or dad's bike, The Minor Threat is the real deal. From the 4-bar suspension layout to the leverage ratio painstakingly tuned for the lighter rider. Or the flip-chip adjustable geometry, low standover, and ample room for a dropper seatpost, nothing about this bike will slow you down.

The Minor Threat comes in two sizes, S1 (24") and S2 (26"), both with adjustable geo to suit your needs. The 140/150mm platform is aimed at a variety of park, trail and jump riding, with progressive geometry that makes the Minor Threat a capable climber and an agile descender. 

Only 1 left in stock!

Hub Spacing // Boost 148mm 
Headset // 44-56 Semi Integrated
Seat Clamp Size // 35mm
Seatpost Size // 31.6mm
BB // 73mm Threaded, ISCG Tabs
Wheel Size // 24" (S1), 26" (S2)
Rear Travel // 140mm
Recommended Fork Travel // 140mm (S1), 150mm (S2)
Recommended Shock Size // 190 x 45mm
Mounting Hardware: 30x8mm standard mounting hardware, both ends
Recommended Shock: Rockshox Deluxe Select/Select+/Ultimate, 190x45mm. This is an air shock with no external reservoir, or “piggyback”. Shocks with external reservoirs are NOT compatible

We know what you’re thinking – “A Chromag bike that isn’t made of Chromoly??” Steel isn’t going anywhere as our flagship material, with titanium appearing on some ultra-premium models. That being said, Aluminum was the best choice for the Minor Threat for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the use of aluminum allows us to make a bike that’s burly enough to hold up to the bike park without being too heavy for a lighter rider to manage. Aluminum has a lower strength-to-weight ratio than steel, meaning that more volume of aluminum is required to make a frame that holds up to our strength standards. This is why you’ll notice that the tubing used in the construction of the Minor Threat is thicker than that used on most of our steel frames. With this in mind, it might follow that an aluminum bike and a steel bike that have exactly the same mass would have the same strength. This is not quite the case due to some more complicated physical principles involved in the shape and size of the different tubing (like the second moment of area, if you want to really go down the rabbit hole), that mean you can often make an aluminum frame slightly lighter than a steel one without compromising strength.

Another one is that aluminum is pretty low-maintenance. As you probably know all too well if you own one of our other frames, it’s very important with chromoly to grease your seatpost every couple months. If water gets into an ungreased steel seat tube, it will corrode the steel and form a bond with the aluminum of your seatpost, making it nearly impossible to remove. However, this isn’t an issue with an aluminum bike. While unpainted steel is not naturally corrosion-resistant, aluminum is! The secret is aluminum oxide, a chemical compound that forms when aluminum is exposed to air and creates a thin film on unpainted sections of your frame. This film is what keeps aluminum from rusting. So while you should still grease your seatpost (and pretty much every component-to-component interface for that matter) with an aluminum bike, it’s a little more forgiving to being “ridden hard and put away wet”.

Just like the rest of our Taiwanese-made frames like the Rootdown, Stylus, and Monk, the Minor Threat is handmade by a team of highly skilled framebuilders in Taiwan, and is held to the same stringent quality control standard that our frames are known for.

Minor Threat Geometry

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Frame Size S1 (H)Typical Rider Height: 127cm - 142cm S1 (L)Typical Rider Height: 127cm - 142cm S2 (H)Typical Rider Height: 140cm - 158cm S2 (L)Typical Rider Height: 140cm - 158cm
Effective Top Tube497499541543
Head Tube95959595
Wheel base1087109011421144
BB Drop-48315
BB Height322310345333
Stand Over619607642630
chain stay417420427430
Seat Tube305305305305
Max Post Insertion*188188215215
Head Angle65646564
Seat Angle77767776
Wheel Size24"24"26"26"

* Max. post insertion based on Rockshox Reverb
** H/L refers to high and low flip-chip postions

Minor Threat Geometry

We decided to make two frame sizes because reach, stack and wheelbase are a much better assessment of bike fit than wheel size alone. These bikes are designed to fit riders who are approximately 7 - 12 years old.
You can run 26" wheels on the S1 (and vice versa), but we don't recommend it as you are merely making the bike taller and raising the center of gravity, rather than increasing the actual bike size.