Brandon’s design features a lightweight compact platform body that extends inboard bringing the riders feet closer to the cranks for trick control (less Q-Factor).

The Contact pedal has a very low profile concave CNC’d surface that is only 13mm at pedal center and weighs in at only 208g per pedal.

Simple, clean design with a durable sandblasted finish.

A great dirt jump pedal and slope pedal, but some also choose to run on their trail and DH bikes.

  • Looking for something a little more luxurious? Check out the Scarab.
  • Want to spend less? Take a look at the Synth.

Profile // 13mm at platform centre, concave design
Material // Alloy
Size // 100mm x 100mm
Pins // 9 per platform, adjustable height
Weight // 416g/Pair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Some of the best pedals I have ridden

Super grippy, but release just when I want them to. Clear mud very well, nice and light, very easily serviceable. They're simple but amazing. I can't ask for much more.


Bests peddles made

James A.

I've ridden a bunch of different pedals for dirt jumping and these are the best by far, the platform is the perfect size and with the extra holes and pins they give you, I have customized the perfect amount of grip I prefer. 10/10 would recommend.


The spin motion is super stiff Do not buy if you want 0 resistance spin

HI there,
thanks for your review and sorry to hear that is happening.
Mind sending me a little video directly, so we can resolve this issue?
jm at chromagbikes dot com

Liam W.
Best Pedals

These are basically on every bike I own. Dependable, great shape, adjustable and long lasting. The ano starts to show it’s age and remind me how long I’ve been riding these with out issue. 10/10.

Xavier H.
The best

These pedals always grip very well and they last for a long time!

Fav pedals

This pedals are my favorite by far.
i have them in both of my bikes (trail and dirt jumper) and I they are so good! Good grip. light and beautiful colors.

A MUST: have customizable pin placement.

The best

I run these pedals on both my trail bike and my bmx. Perfect platform size, pins are grippy when you need them and can remove your foot when you need too. Would recommend to all BMX/DJ riders and flat pedal MTB riders.