The format is our first single clamp grip for those who like to make use of the full width of their bars, allowing you to run your hands right up to the edge.

We had found some single clamp grips suffer from additional twisting, which is why we designed the sleeve to snugly fit the bars towards the ends. (Make sure you give the grip a firm tap on the end when installing)

After examining wear patterns of grips that have been through the ringer, we implemented several different patterns and zones into the format to deal with the different dynamics going on in each part of your hand.

Durometer // 20a
Length // 133mm
Diameter// 30mm
End Clamp // Single Clamp
Weight // 91g/pair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Paul D.
Super soft

I must have tried 5 or 6 different grips and these are by far my faves. I love how my fingers fall into the grooves on the bottom. I do find they ware a bit fast but that the price of such a soft and comfy grip.

Sebastien H.
great grips

I like those grips because they have space for the last two fingers, they don't slip and fell good on your hand. I recommend rthem!

Go to grip!!

Great feel for gloveless riding and gloved riding. Love that they come in purple. Super durable too!

Brian H.
What do ya know

I can't really say I'm a grip connoisseur but I will say these things are my favorites. They look nice, they feel nice, they don't feel harsh, they keep my hands in a neutral and leveraged position. They're called format grips probably because they feel like they form to your hands. I hesitate to rave too much because I'm hoping they're available in the future as needed. Glad to see others reporting that they last too.

Some of the best out there

These grips are so good. First off, no outboard clamp means you can properly position your hands right to the outside edge of your grip. Why does this matter? If you don't like clipping trees, it's a must. Your brain knows where your hands are, it doesn't know where your grip ends. If slicing and dicing trees at speed with wide bars is your thing, these are your grips.

The rubber compound is firm which I like as the grips provide a lot of feedback on what's happening at my front wheel. I feel like I have just a little more control.. The rubber has tons of grip without being fast wearing. They're not quite sticky enough for gloveless riding in sweaty conditions but perfect with a thin glove.

This is by far Chromag's best grip ever and one of my all. time favorites. Git sum!

Such Grip

I've been running the formats for the better part of my biking life. I wear a size 8 Hestra glove and medium Chromag glove and these are a great fit. I place my middle and ring fingers in the divots rather than my ring and pinky. I find this allows me to get my palm right to the edge of the grip and gives me a sense of how close to the trees and rocks I am. The waffling on the back is unreal as well.

best grips

these grips are bomb proof. so comfy, and don’t wear easily.

Damn fine grips

I like Chromag grips
And I like these most of all
Mine are run ragged and I’m waiting patiently for more stock to arrive!