Oszkar Nagy // Open Pit

It all started when a friend of mine, Milán Kolozsváry, was looking at this dolomite mine in the Pilis area three years ago from Google Earth. We visited it in the spring of 2019, and then we didn't go back for two years, I just had it in my head. I came down one of the more isolated walls there in April last year, you can see it at the beginning of my Shimano "Make Your Mark" video from earlier this year. We were there three or four times, filmed a few times, and that was it. Six months later, I suggested to Red Bull that there was this location, and showed them photos of it and Google Earth images. They were cooperative to get on with it and contact the people responsible. Fortunately, they were completely open, with the technical director of the mine, László Karafa, who is also a fan of extreme sports and mountain biking. - Oszkar 

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