Precise contact with some extra length


Clutch MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Clutch MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Clutch MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Clutch MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Clutch MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Clutch MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Clutch MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
Clutch MTB Grips Chromag Mountain Bike Parts Components
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A longer grip for those with bigger hands who want a direct and precise connection to the bike

☛ 150mm length
☛ 30mm diameter
☛ 20a durometer

☛ Pair of grips with clamps and end caps

☛ Double clamp with tear drop clamp


Durometer // 20a

Length // 150mm

Diameter // 30mm

End Clamp // Dual clamp, split teardrop

Weight // 113g per pair

Click here to view the grip user guide.


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key features

Get to grips with our handles.

Durometer Explained

Essentially, durometer is a measure of hardness. The lower the number, the softer the material.

Keep an eye out for this in the "specs" section.

Some models are available in our Supa Soft compound which measures at 9a.

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Our grips have 3 distinct clamp styles;
single, double & none.

You may or may not have strong feelings about which style to run.


Our grips are available in a wide range of colours to suit your style and match the rest of your bike.

(Even if your style is all black everything.)

Grip FAQ's

Almost certainly! Our grips will fit on any bar with a 22.22mm diameter (where the grips sit).
All MTB bars (and most others) are 22.22mm.

You can! Find them here.

Generally speaking, the softer the grip (lower durometer number), the quicker it will wear out.

To mount non-lock-on grips, we recommend placing some cable ties (approximately five) inside the grip with the clasp at the outer edge of the grips. Slide the grips on - the zip ties should allow a smooth and easy installation. Once the end of the grip is flush with the end of the bar, use pliers to pull the zip ties out, one at a time, from the grips. Voila! 
Compressed air is also an option.

You can read the full user guide here, but the main points are:
• Follow handlebar torque specs.
• Make sure the grips are on all the way, especially for single clamp models. Lightly tap with a mallet if unsure.
Never use hammer-in style bar end plugs in carbon bars.

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    As one of three touch points connecting you to your bike, the choice of grips matters as it influences how secure and comfortable you feel as you barrel...

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nigel Q.
Love these grips!

I recently tried a pair of these after running Squarewaves for years and I'm really impressed with the feel. The longer width is nice for bigger hands and they're a little more on the supple side so they feel great without gloves.

katie h.


Hannes F.
Awsome grips

Good stuff
I´m a part of the extended family of chromag.
These grips are so good, great for Freeriding and Dirtjumps.
So good to have a long grip to catch barspins with.
Those ones never disappoint.
Shred hard

Great grip

I run Squarewave grips on any bike that sees rough terrain but I decided to try the clutch on my dj bike and love it. It's a great length and offers really good grip both gloved and glove less.

Great grips

Excellent grips and priced fairly. Ive had two other Chromag grips on my previous bike. My new build I added a Chromag BZA carbon bar and went with the clutch grip after some recommendations. These grips are now my “go to” grips. Ive put a good chunk of riding in this year even with covid and the grips probably have another season in them, thats impressive! Feel awesome and look good too! I dont mind the extra width.

Mike R.
Great wide grips

I love chromag grips - they are good and wide, wear well, and the teardrop bar end is super solid, prevents the grips from moving and ensure you don't take earth core samples with you on your rides.

eric m.
Chromag Clutch grips

This is my first pair of slip-on and tighten down grips. Love them! The grip are long, which allows me to take my fingers off my shifters and and get a "all fingers grip" on the handle bars when I'm riding the open roads. This allows my hands rest as well. No more hair spray or wrestling with other grips for me, I'll never go back to the non-slide on type again. They may be a little more cash but they are worth the added convienence and ease of removing and installation.