The Sequence chainring uses the official X-SYNC technology licensed from SRAM for unmatched chain retention. Chromag is the only mtb company officially authorized to produce chainrings with X-SYNC Technology. So now, no matter what kind of mountain bike you have, you can have the peace of mind that your chain will stay put, and you can give your bike a little extra flair with the timeless Chromag styling.

104 BCD Cranks with 4 bolts with 104mm diameter-spacing N/A Sram, Shimano, Raceface and others made around 2000-2014 Measure distance across opposite chainring tab-holes
Look for spec info on your current crank or ring
94 BCD Cranks with 4 bolts with 94mm diameter-spacing N/A Sram cranks after 2013 Measure distance across opposite chainring tab-holes
Look for spec info on your current crank or ring
Direct Mount
Sram cranks with direct mount spider - using GXP BB 6mm XX1, X01, X9, X7, S2210, S1400, GX, NX Look for direct mount interface with 3 bolts on inside of spider Look for GXP logo on the crank
Direct Mount
SRAM Boost
Sram cranks with direct mount spider - using boost spacing 3mm XX1, X01, GX, NX Look for boost logo or 3mm offset on inside of chainring
Direct Mount
Sram cranks with direct mount spider - using BB-30 BB 0mm XX1, X01, X9, X7, S2210, S1400, GX, NX Look for direct mount interface with 3 bolts on inside of spider, look for BB30 logo on the crank
RFC RaceFace cranks with cinch system 6mm NEXT SL, Six C, Turbine, fatbike Look for cinch logo on the crank
  • Official SRAM X-SYNC technology. Complies with SRAM warranty standards for compatibility with all SRAM X-SYNC drivetrain.
  • Chamfered mud-clearing recesses at the base of the teeth provide the best possible performance in muddy conditions.
  • CNC Machined from 7075T6 aluminum for the best durability.
  • Available for 104/94 BCD crank spider patterns and Direct Mount options.
  • 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Anodized Black with laser etch
  • CNC machined in Whistler, BC.

Sequence rings are available in:

  • 30/32/34/36 tooth (104 BCD)
  • 28/30 tooth (94 BCD)
  • 28/30/32 tooth (Direct Mount RFC)
  • 28/30/32 tooth (Direct Mount GXP)
  • 28/30 tooth (Direct Mount BB30)
  • 28/30/32 tooth (Direct Mount Boost)

Compatibility Notes:

  • 104 BCD is the most popular crank arm spacing design (refer to manufacturers specifications to check for compatibility).
  • Direct mount rings work with SRAM S1400, S2200, S2210, X9 XO and XX1 crank arms.
  • Direct Mount Sequence rings are available for with GXP and BB30 bottom brackets as well as Race Face Cinch cranks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ethan D.

Have ran these on my downhill bikes for a few years after having problems with other brands, it’s safe to say this has been perfect and problem free!

Great replacement for SRAM chanrings

I have Sequence chainrings on all my bikes and have had zero issues. Good looking, locally made and cheaper than OEM. It's a great option!

Quality addition to any drivetrain

Chainrings aren't exactly exciting but this is a quality piece of kit that stands up to abuse and looks good doing it. I've never dropped a chain with this chainring and don't run a chain device.

Nikola S.
Awesome as always

Just replaced a worn out from ring on the bike with a 30T and it works great!! Holds the chain without issue. I've been running these front rings for a while, always great quality and machining, and they wear well! Two thumbs up.

Down size from 32 Sram to this 28 Chromag

Bought this for my 2017 Trek Fuel ex9 with boost 3mm offset. Have loads of hills to climb and struggled a bit with existing 32 tooth. Worked like a charm, but wondering if I should have maybe gone for a 30 as hardly use big sprocket now at back which is 11-42 setup. Other than that would recommend.

Gets the job done

Quality and finish are great. Too soon to tell how it will wear, but way cheaper than OE chain ring.

retro- g.
SRAM X-1 1000 does not work

Bought 28 tooth to use on my 15 Spec Enduro Comp as I wanted to lower the overall gearing. The four spider arms on the crank
rub on the chain and would cause it to derail. Stock bolts no longer work also. Very disappointed and returned .

A bit dfferent

Holds the chain great right now. Only issue came with it not jiving well with my saint crankset. The saint cranks have tabs that are threaded and provide a very clean look, the chainring's holes were threaded so it works fine just doesn't have the clean finish i like on the saints.