The Basis grip is designed for applications where the rider wants a firm, direct connection for performance in high intensity scenarios.

The thin diameter grip with dimpled pattern is firm yet tacky and less prone to surface wear. The Basis is made with a special formulated rubber compound that combines a soft 15a durometer and a proprietary additive for a combination of tackiness and durability. 

Chromag grips feature our unique ‘Split-Teardrop’ end clamp which effectively covers the bar end while still utilising a true pinch-clamp for the best purchase to the bar. 

Durometer // 15a
Length // 142mm
Diameter// 30mm
End Clamp // Split-Teardrop
Weight // 104g/pair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sam C.
amazing grips

these grip give the perfect amount of sofness yet are still grippy.

Catherine D.


For dry conditions only?

This is a first-ride impression. Overall the construction quality is very good, as I expected from Chromag. However, I am not convinced by the design. I used it under the rain, brand new, and when still dry or humid these works well but when "soak" in rain became very "greasy". Was this because were new? Was it because of some residual "oily" product on the surface? Or are these supposed to be used with gloves in the rain? I do not know, but It was not safe! Another minor point to consider is the section, which was a bit too narrow for my large hands. I think that having the best fit is more important than having a slightly more direct feeling.

Andrei B.
Grip of choice for all my bikes

I ride glove-less. 95 % of the time.Would use a glove when its cold but thats so rare.I just love the feel of the grip and although in the begining I only used them on my trail bike now my dirt jumper also has them on.I just dont like any other grips.Santa Cruz release now some soft ones not too thick that might be intresting to test out at some point but this is definitly my go to grip on any bike.Im hoping there is enough good feed back so that Chromag would continue to offer them.

Nice and tacky!

These grips work great for me as I like a narrow grip. They are also very tacky which helps as I like to ride gloveless. My current pair, season plus riding, is starting to wear out but they just keep getting tackier and tackier so I have yet to replace them. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a smaller diameter grip. Lastly I like the dimpled aesthetic and built in end cap.

slick r.
Grip it, rip it!

Very nice grip, responsive and sticky. Used this pair in blk to replace my stock Giant grips, they are beautiful, feel great, more dexterity. I'm not crazy about the end plugs, but I found my old lock rings fit so I used them. I'm thinking about the Chromag bars to match.

PROS: Easy To Install, Attractive Design

CONS: Don't Like End Caps

Daniel W.
Very comfortable and sexy

Great grips! They feel great and look sexy! I especially appreciate the metal ends that keep it in tact when I catch the ends on trees

K F.
Ah, nothing great

The company is awesome!!! These are really just ok. After about 9 months of riding they started to peel off and leave a sticky residue. impossible to keep little turd balls of dirt from collecting. Not very comfortable either I wouldn't buy this model again but I would buy from Chromag again for certain.

Thanks for the feedback Fae. We design all of our grips with grip and tack in mind, which is why we use 25a durometer for most models, however with the Basis, because it has a denser structure in the tread design, we can use a very soft 15A. They can wear but providing superior grip is paramount over grips lasting a few years. It could happen from abrasion but the pilling/balls described can also happen as result of being in direct sunlight for extended periods.
As for comfort, the Basis is actually one of our more narrow grips (30mm) focusing on bar and bike feel. The Squarewave (31mm) or Squarewave XL (33mm) might provide more padding.
Either way we're sorry you didn't have a fantastic time with the Basis, and we thank you for your continued support.