The Cutlass is our carbon bar made for 31.8mm clamp stems.  It is constructed using a premium unidirectional carbon weave, with an innovative layup and forming process.  We made the Cutlas with a focus on strength, reliability and feel as our priorities.

The Cutlass is one of the strongest carbon bars on the market today, going well beyond ISO standards. It passes the renowned Zedler Institute's most rigorous tests, including multi-load fatigue, max strength and end of life.  You might think it would be overly stiff as a result, but the Cutlass is the most compliant bar in our lineup.  Its even, consistent flex characteristics allow it to be impresively durable while also providing a very comfortable feel to the rider.  Consider the vibration absorbing charastics of carbon and you've got a bar with a winning combination of control and comfort!

The Cutlass comes in a stock width of 800mm (which can be cut it down).  Its unique as its the only bar in our lineup wth a backsweep of 9°.  Its comes in both 25mm and 35mm rise options. 

Material // Premium unidirectional carbon weave
Width // 800mm (31.5”)
Clamp Size // 31.8mm
Rise // 25mm (1"), 35mm (1.4")
Bend // 9°
Upsweep //
Weight // 247g

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Zedler is known within the cycling industry as the foremost test institute for bicycle frames and components.  Based in Germany, they have been making test equipment and conducting third party testing for 30 years.  In the cycling industry, the most common testing standard for bicycles and components, the EN/ISO Standard, is decades old and not really relatable to the kind of loads that modern components see.  For this reason, Zedler have created test standards that test up to the EN/ISO standard and then far beyond this, to simulate the most extreme scenarios that today’s components will see in use. 

Part of the latest evolution of our handlebars was to ensure that all of the design improvements we’ve made translated in to real-world, measurable increases in performance.  Part of this was to build our own test lab and equipment, where we can test prototype and also production batches of handlebars for safety and performance.  We also sent our new carbon bars to Zedler to test them to their high industry standard, which allows us to benchmark them against other products available on the market.

The tests in question relate to the fatigue life of the bar, and are designed to simulate the loads that the handlebar will see over its entire service life. These include a precisely designed and controlled sequence of loads on the handlebar in all directions, and also a ‘Push-Pull Test’ which as the name suggests, pushes and pulls on the bars with a high force, in the middle of the test. In the real world, this could relate to landing a large drop to flat after already riding the bar for a few years.

Both the Cutlass and BZA passed the highest test standard available from Zedler, the ‘Advanced Plus’ test. Both handlebars were intact at the end of these tests, and we stopped ‘End of Life’ testing when it became clear that it may take many more rounds of testing to see a failures from the bars.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dave C.
Tough and comfortable

This bar replaces another Cutlass bar that I used on multiple bikes over the past 4 years. That Cutlass has been ridden for 6k miles on rocky trails with a few hard crashes thrown in. It is only being replaced as a preventative measure. The original bar isn't showing any signs of damage.

Zac S.
Cutlas Review

I recently switched from an aluminum bar to the Cutlas and I immediately felt more confident. The 9 degree back sweep puts you in the ideal riding position. These bars have a little flex to them which allows for a smoother ride resulting in less arm pump. I have always struggled with arm pump on long descents or race runs so these are a game changer for me. I look forward to putting these on all my bikes.

Bernie G.
Nice bars

Replaced the flat bars on our two carbine fibre gravel bikes. Originals were too short and too heavy. These bars are attractive light and have the perfect combination of angles for what I wanted. Good value as well. I would buy them again in a heartbeat.

Jamie F.
Primer build

Chromag’s customer service is always otop notch, keeping you informed every step of the process. I have nothing but great things to say about all my purchases with the company and would not hesitate to recommend their product to all riders who ask when I’m out for a spin.

Robbie K.
Less vibration yet still stiff in a good way

Impressed with these bars so far on my hardtail. I ran Fu40 Chromag bars for about 4 years. Loved the ride and sweep of them, but they had a wee bit too much trail feedback. I then had We Are One da package bars/stem on my rig for about a year, but they were a little too flexy for my 185 lbs. I just found myself having a hard time holding a precise line in the fast technical riding. I’ve now been running the cutlass for a half a dozen rides and really dig them. A little more trail feedback than the Da Package bars/stem, but they’re stiffer in a good way allowing me to hold a line in spicy situations. Safety third! Good on ya chromag

Paulo L.
Happy Wrists!

Having sensitive wrists from an earlier injury, I've been pretty conscientious about handlebar angles. I must say, the Cutlass' 9° backsweep and 5° up is quite comfortable on the hands and wrists. Although, I do find this bar is a bit on the firmer side - that compared to other 31.8 clamp carbon bars I've tried (I'm about 175lbs and ride flowy and technical XC singletrack). My set are trimmed to 790mm. Overall I'm quite I'm impressed and will consider getting a second bar for my other trail bike. Cheers!

Jody P.
Best bars I’ve ever ridden!

Ten years ago I was given a Chromag Cutlass bar as a gift by a dear friend. I immediately loved the style, colours and logo placement but the real magic happened when I got it out on the trail! WOW! Stiff, stable and confident; but, somehow, also supple and comfortable, absorbing the fine chatter of the chunks and chunder of my local trails. I now have a Cutlass bar on each of my bikes and I would highly recommend you get one for yours!

Antonello M.

I am completely satisfied with it. I noticed a huge difference with the previous handlebar, fewer vibrations, both short on the wrists and long on the arms and shoulders. I have a greater feeling with the bike which gives me more control and confidence. And then amazing design! Bravissimi!