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At Chromag we simply want to produce things that the staff want to use, day in, day out, which is why we're very proud to announce the Rift.

We saw an opportunity to produce a knee guard that ticked some boxes that we felt were currently left empty, and in partnering with the engineers at RHEON™ Labs, we've managed to create a guard that we're extremely proud of, but most of all, keen to slip on whenever we head out for a ride.

The majority of the protection is located up front provided by RHEON™ and encased in an aramid skin to provide resistance to abrasions and tears. Additional lateral foam inserts keep the pad low-profile and allow for unrestricted movement, without bumping the cost sky high.

The RHEON™ insert is located on an airprene backing to provide structure, and also moderate temperatures on those all day epics.

The calf gusset is designed to keep the pad in place, combined with the generous silicone band around the top, and the upper stretch mesh which allows movement of your leg while keeping everything where it needs to be.

The Rift comes in 5 sizes from XS to XL, and is fully machine washable. CE certified EN 1621-1:2012.

"The Rifts are easily one of the most comfortable knee pads I've ever worn..." - NSMB

"The Rifts are far and away the most comfortable mid-duty kneepads that I've worn to date and it isn't even close." - MTB Mag

"Editor's Choice: the Chromag Rift pads were my favorites out of this bunch." - Pinkbike

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The RHEON™ material is made from highly strain-rate sensitive polymers that stiffen momentarily while absorbing energy. These properties make this material ideal for a trail kneepad, which has some unique requirements. It must be comfy enough to pedal in all day, but provide significant protection for the way down.

Utilising this material, and combining it with complex geometries that fold in on themselves when impacted, we collaborated with RHEON™  to develop a kneepad that feels great to pedal in but also provides a very high level of protection.

Check out the videos below to see it in action.

Everyone knows knees are anatomically identical to papaya!

Some phones were harmed in the making of this video...

This clip demonstrates RHEON™ technology at work, helping to protect your legs... and pieces of ice.
 Size Thigh (5" above knee)* Calf (fullest part) Overall Length
XS 13.75 - 15.25" 11.25 - 12.75" 14.5"
S 14.75 - 16.25" 12.25 - 13.75" 14.5"
M 15.75 - 17.25" 13.25 - 14.75" 15.0"
L 16.75 - 18.25" 14.25 - 15.75" 15.5"
XL 17.75 - 19.25" 15.25 - 16.75" 15.5"

* measure 5" from the center of your kneecap. You should be sat down, with your knee at 90° and your leg relaxed.

Click here to download the owner's manual.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Good pads, but the chaffing ruins them for me.

These knee pads are nice construction and stay in place well, but the seam on the inside middle of the pads chafes my knees raw on even moderate long pedals.

Honestly, I can't recommend them until they come up with a new design to address this issue.

Thanks for sharing. We havent had this feedback before but It's been shared with our design team.

Aldo S.
Runs Small
Runs Large
Second Purchase

This is my second purchase of the Rift Knee Guards. My first pair lasted almost 3 years. They worked so well I just bought my new pair. They fit great, don't fall, they're snug, great mobility, and best of all great protection. New pair are really fresh and I look forward to many miles with them.

Riley G.
Runs Small
Runs Large
Best knee pads

The best. Want knee pads that are protective, but you can pedal in em? These are the ones!

Mike S.
Runs Small
Runs Large
Awesome Pads

Believe the hype, these pads are that good. Super comfy, they don't get hot, and they feel soft when riding- you'll forget you are wearing them. They are easy to pedal in, stay up, and have a nice balance of padding.

Runs Small
Runs Large
Love Them!

These seem true to size. I appreciate that they stay very well on my legs and I don't have to worry about them sliding. I used them for bike park and enduro and have found them great for both as they provide ample protection, but still allow good freedom of movement.

Runs Small
Runs Large
Pretty much a perfect fit

Aside from needing to make sure they are clean to reduce any chaffing, they are pretty much a perfect and comfortable light weight knee pad. I do wish the seam for the pad was below the knee cap because if they aren't clean, you will chaff on that seam.

Oliver K.
Runs Small
Runs Large

Rift Knee Guard

Jim W.
Runs Small
Runs Large
Great knee pads

These knee pads are great. Once on and adjusted they sit in place and don’t move around. They are comfortable. Haven’t crash tested them yet but my feeling is they will hold up well and do what they are supposed to do.
I have large thighs (not due to being a super cyclist or anything, more of a lack of fitness thing) and was at the top end of the range for size on XL. These fit well and have enough stretch that they would most likely still fit if my leg was larger.