Phase30 Front Wheel


The PHASE30 mirrors our BA30 profile but in a lighter format that suits all mountain and trail riding conditions.

This is a high quality alloy rim that is tougher than most with added protection at the bead-walls for impact resistance and reduced sidewall cuts. The nipple/spoke bed is oriented to the spoke direction to reduce weakness caused by bend in the spoke at the nipple hole. The PHASE30 is made with premium alloy, extruded and carefully formed for consistent shape. It is then fusion welded and ground for a strong precise finish. Our fusion welding system leaves a perfect seamless joint that becomes the strongest section of the rim ensuring that your rim won’t split at the seam if you have an impact there. 

The rims are laced to our new R4 hub. The R4 is designed to be a solid, reliable hub with a durable axle assembly and robust set of bearings.  

We opted for a Chromoly steel axle for stiffness and longevity.  Using steel allows a smaller diameter axle which in turn gives us more room to use larger, sealed bearings (we use USA made enduro bearings). 

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Chromag Phase30 Rim Cross Section
Material // Premium extruded alloy
Finish // Fusion welded seam-ground finish
Profile // Internal bracing profile / Impact resistant design
Tubeless // Tubeless Ready
Rim Weight // 27.5: 545g / 29: 584g
Internal Width // 30mm
Valve // Presta
Max Tire Pressure 2.4" // 45PSI
Max Tire Pressure 2.8" // 30PSI
Max Spoke Tension // 125KgF
Build Info 
// 27.5" ERD: 566mm / 29" ERD: 604mm
Hole Count // 32


Axle Diameter // 15mm
Spacing // Boost 110mm
End Caps // Regular or RockShox Torque (please request in order notes)
Tubeless // Tubeless Ready, Taped, Valves Included
Spokes // 32


Axle Diameter // 12mm
Spacing // Boost 148mm
Driver // XD, HG or Microspline (please request in order notes)
Tubeless // Tubeless Ready, Taped, Valves Included
Engagement // 4-pawl, 36 Point
Spokes // 32

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Awesome wheelset for the price! Not a ton of use yet but a great upgrade for my wife's bike!

Really Impressive

'-,I put these wheels on when I built up my Rootdown more than 18 months ago.
-,I don’t have exact stats but it’s been ridden hundreds of rides. Nearly all of them were in the Coast Mountains of BC, on rugged terrain ridden aggressively. Some were in very, very wet conditions.
-,Still the original tubeless tape and until a week ago the valves were great but they did get gummed up so bad they stopped working.
-,They have some scratches on the rims and many many on the spokes but they still look pretty good really.
-,I’m known to run absurdly low tire pressures like 12-15 PSI and no real dents to speak of.
-,I have intentionally never done any service to them at all.
-,Just recently I noticed the front bearings sound a little rough but the wheel is still running right and tight.
-,The rear wheel’s spokes have relaxed into some really bad spoke tension. Like bad…
-,Friday I bent the rear one just enough that I want to put them in the stand.

Great looking, great riding wheels that for me have been dang near indestructible and I've apologized to them a few times for how badly I smash them into things.


I know these are the lighter of the two but they've been nothing but reliable. Not all singing all dancing, but solid, easily repairable, and just do the job.
I've heard some people running a BA30 on the rear and a Phase on the front which isn't a bad idea, but Phase front and back has been fine for me.
Would have 5 star if they had more engagement but that's just me being fussy.