Waffle pattern. Gentle bulge for max comfort.

The Squarewave grip is designed for performance and comfort.

The gentle bulge fits nicely in the cup of the hand to promote long ride comfort. The progressive tread is finest/softest where it meets the outer edges of the hand and coarsest under the meat of the palm for a balance of compliance and control over longer rides. The Squarewave is made with special formulated rubber compound that combines a soft 25a durometer and a proprietary additive for a combination of tackiness and durability. Overall length 142mm.

Durometer // 25a
Length // 142mm
Diameter// 31mm
End Clamp // Split-Teardrop
Weight // 106g/pair

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Customer Reviews

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Best grips

colin a.
Love these -- on my

Love these -- on my 2nd pair

Wou won't go back

I was gifted a clapped out pair of squarewave XL grips in 2019. They were fantastic. I've since tried a couple of other companies grips and went back to the squarewave XL when they came back in stock after the shortage. The closest local trail to me is a rough and very fast 4 mile (2x) Enduro stage decent where the bulge makes a HUGE difference in hand fatigue.
Tried ergon, Meaty paws, and oury grips between pairs of Squarewave XL.

The only grip I'll run

Since I started using the basis grip I can't go back to any others (other than the clutch grip on my dj bike). I saw an improvement in the amount I could ride before getting tired hands when I started using these and the grip is top notch with or without gloves.

Charlie c.
Great customer service

I purchased these grips from my bike shop and i striped the screw. I contacted them and within a short time he emailed me back and shipped the new screw. He even asked me when they got to my house. Amazing grips and customer service

Anna S.
My go to grip

I struggle a lot with hand pain while riding (especially in the middle of Whistler summer on the bike park brake bumps) and have tried many different grips. The Squarewave are the best grips that I've tried so far in helping me deal with this problem. Good grip and ergo fit. Seem to last well as well.

Get a grip

Best grips I've used. The slight budge fixed my comfort issues.

PROS: Easy To Install, Lightweight, Attractive Design

BEST USES: Racing, Upgrade, Mountain Biking, Casual Riding

E. S.
Locking grips with metal bar ends

Was looking for a set of grips with metal ends, as I tend to fall while mountain biking and shred the ends of my grips. Not the softest or stickiest, but my primary motivation for purchasing was for the metal ends.