Mood DT


The Mood DT remains our firmest saddle for 2020, but with a few mm's of extra padding it's a touch more forgiving than the previous version.

The low profile Mood DT (Durable Top) is for riders who see a lot of wet weather or for DH and Freeride applications where extra durability is needed.

The narrow platform design has chromo rails for extra strength while still being very light weight. It features a firm sitting platform with a gentle scoop at the rear, and a roll-away nose for climbing control. A narrow overall shape offers clearance for long distance seated pedalling. The smooth perimeter is easy to move around and has a round edge to set a knee against for stability.

Our lightest and most firm saddle.

  • Want a little more padding? Check out the Lynx DT.


Top // Seamless Synthetic
Rails // Chromoly
Length // 280mm
Width // 135mm
Weight // 320g

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