The Ultimate Master - North Shore Billet

Chris Allen and Peter Hammons of North Shore Billet have been pivotal to our success. They were nearby on the North Shore (the name makes more sense now doesn't it!) when the first Chromag rumblings were afoot in 2003, and around 2008 they moved up to Whistler. Now, they are co-owners of our new building and that has only strengthened our bond. You really can't put a dollar value on being able to walk next door to discuss the finer points of manufacturing your latest prototype. 

Pete has a long history of machining going through the traditional steps of school and apprenticeships, and while Chris didn't go through the "normal" steps, it says a lot about him that his knowledge of the subject is equally matched to that of Pete's. Together, they form a yin and yang of precision machined parts, right here in British Columbia, and to do it all at the foothills of a ski resort is no mean feat. They have a wealth of knowledge between them and if you're not careful you can find yourself discussing the philosophy of measuring things, or how we are building machines that can in-turn create better machines, or if you're really lucky they might let you into a little machining secret or two.

Chris Allen

Over the years Chris and Pete have helped us develop a large variety of our line, and once refined, take it right through to full production runs. The list of products that have had input from NSB is long and distinguished but to name a few they have aided with and/or produced our chainrings, stems, test rig equipment, BB shells, cable guides, QR clamps, skewers, show and shine medals, trade show displays, specialist tools and frame dropouts. All to within meticulous tolerances.

So here's to Chris and Pete, we couldn't have done it without you guys so we thank you sincerely for everything you've done. And if you happen to run into them at Coast Mountain Brewing, we encourage you to buy them a pint! 

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